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In photos: adolescents and HIV

Artem, 14, sits on a wall outside
UNICEF/G. Pirozzi

Artem, 14, sits on a wall outside 'Way Home', the shelter where he lives in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. The UNICEF-assisted shelter provides food, accommodation, literacy trainings and HIV/AIDS-awareness lessons to street children in Odessa, Ukraine. Because of unsafe sex and injecting drug use, street adolescents are one of the groups most at risk of contracting HIV.

Boy holding puppy, Philippines, 2011
UNICEF/G. Pirozzi

Amsani, 12, is selling puppies in the streets of Manila, Philippines. In June 2011, an estimated 250 000 children lived and worked on the streets in the Philippines, at increased risk of being trafficked, enduring abuse and sexual exploitation, forming dependence on illegal drugs and other harmful substances or coming into conflict with the law. Providing access to HIV services and in particular testing and counselling among these adolescents is a primary step to protect them from HIV.

HIV positive Monica and her granddaughter Sympathy Tshuma 14, sitting at home on a bed in the village of Makuzeze, Zimbabwe
UNICEF/G. Pirozzi

HIV-positive Monica and her granddaughter Sympathy Tshuma 14, sitting at home on a bed in the village of Makuzeze, some 200 kilometres south of Bulawayo the second largest city of Zimbabwe. Support for adolescents in prevention and treatment issues is very important.

Girl laughs during a skit on the prevention of HIV, at a youth centre in Moundou, Chad
UNICEF/P. Esteve

Young girls are particularly at risk to HIV due to higher prevalence of violence against them. Here, in a youth centre in Moundou, Chad, adolescents are provided with activities teaching them how to prevent from HIV, including free HIV testing. The centre also has a small library and game centre and hosts a drama club and other extracurricular activities.

Photo of two girls, India
UNICEF/P. Vishwanathan

Two girls are in a Youth Information Centre in Gujarat, India. The centre provides training to adolescents on HIV/AIDS and other health-related subjects.

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