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Campaign essentials

World Immunization Week 2013: Protect your world - get vaccinated

Goals, objectives, target audiences

Overall goal

The overall goal of World Immunization Week is for more people to be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.


We are working with our partners to:

  • convince people that immunization saves lives;
  • mobilize action to increase vaccination coverage with existing and newly available vaccines in underserved and marginalized communities;
  • secure political will to increase support for immunization programmes.

Target audiences

We encourage individuals and organizations working at international, regional, national, and community levels, in the public and private sectors and civil society, to coordinate and engage in activities during World Immunization Week.

Protect your world – get vaccinated.

World Immunization Week 2013

We hope that our campaign products will be used by people around the world (see Box 2).

Our network of offices across the world and the ministries of health they support can help do this.

Box 2: Groups we want to reach with our key messages

  • Parents of children requiring vaccination
  • Unvaccinated adults
  • Public health agencies
  • Non-health sector government bodies
  • Health worker associations
  • Community leaders
  • Civil society groups


The global "theme" of the campaign every year is to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. The global slogan of this year’s campaign is "Protect your world – get vaccinated".

Different countries and regions may select different slogans as appropriate to regional, national and local initiatives and goals.