WHO global health days

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World Immunization Week 2013: Protect your world - get vaccinated

WHO contacts


Alison Brunier
E-mail: communications@who.int

Regional Office for Africa

Collins Boakye-Agyemang
E-mail: boakyeagyemangc@who.int

Regional Office for the Americas

Leticia Linn
E-mail: linnl@who.int

Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

Murat Hakan Ozturk
E-mail: ozturkm@emro.who.int

Regional Office for Europe

Robb Butler
E-mail: rbu@euro.who.int

Regional Office for South-East Asia

Luis Homero Hernandez
E-mail: hernandezh@who.int

Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Timothy O’Leary
E-mail: olearyt@who.int