WHO global health days

Campaign essentials

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in World Health Day. Here are some ideas.


Check what vector-borne diseases are a threat to you, at home and before you travel

  • Talk to your local health-care provider
  • Contact your local health or environmental authority
  • If necessary, take steps to protect yourself and your family from contact with vectors

Join in local activities

  • Find out what activities are going on in your local area to celebrate World Health Day and join in, or organize your own!

Ministries of health and health authorities

  • Organize meetings with environmental and educational authorities to determine what more can be done to protect people from vector-borne diseases in your country/communities.
  • Distribute posters and leaflets about vector-borne diseases, what is being done by authorities to address the problem, and what action people can take to protect themselves.


  • Write articles about vector-borne diseases and its consequences in your country.
  • Interview health experts about measures that are being taken at local/national level in support of vector control and protection against vector-borne diseases.
  • Profile individuals in your community who have been affected by vector-borne diseases.

International organizations

  • Join forces to inform your constituents about why vector-borne disease is a global health problem and what can be done to reduce the risks.

Community leaders

  • Host discussion groups in your community about the steps people can take to protect themselves from vector-borne diseases, and to let people know what services are available.