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Teacher explaining to schoolchildren about malaria and mosquitoes, Malawi
WHO/S. Hollyman

In Malawi, children learn about malaria and mosquitoes in school classes. A teacher explains about mosquitoes and malaria.

A woman hangs a mosquito net in the temporary dwelling, Cambodia
WHO/S. Hollyman

A woman hangs a mosquito net in the temporary dwelling in the fields (champka) that she and her husband are clearing to farm, Cambodia.

A fresh set of bed nets are distributed to residents, Patang, Cambodia
WHO/S. Hollyman

Bednets have to be changed once every 3-5 years. Here a fresh supply of bednets is distributed to residents in Patang village, Cambodia.

School children at malaria class, Malawi
WHO/S. Hollyman

Education on malaria prevention can be taught in schools. School children participate in a class on malaria and how to protect themselves, Malawi.

A woman putting a mosquito net, Tanzania
WHO/S. Hollyman

A woman putting up a mosquito bednet, United Republic of Tanzania.

Bednet, Tanzania
WHO/S. Hollyman

A man and his mosquito bednet, United Republic of Tanzania.

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