World Health Day - 7 April 2017

Helping Syrians with depression, Turkey

When sadness doesn’t stop: helping Syrians with depression

27 June 2017 - In a city in southeastern Turkey, a Syrian woman who has fled her country stands up during a question and answer session with a psychologist. "One of my relatives suffers from severe sadness …. He doesn’t sleep well. He doesn’t want to talk to others," she says. The session at which the woman is speaking is 1 of more than 20 organized for Syrians as part of the World Health Day 2017 campaign on depression.

World Health Day 2017: Depression - Let's talk

Overcoming depression: Angelo’s story

13 June 2017 - In a very honest account, Angelo, from the Philippines, explains his personal experience of depression and how he was able to recover. He describes the essential role of his family, in particular his mother, in supporting him towards recovery.

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Prevention of suicide among adolescents

10 May 2017 -- Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds. This short documentary describes how Malatavie, a health service in Geneva, supports young people in severe psychological distress, working together with their families and social and educational services.

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Depression: let’s talk

7 April 2017 – WHO is leading a one-year global campaign on depression. The highlight is World Health Day 2017, celebrated today. The goal of the campaign is that more people with depression, everywhere in the world, both seek and get help. Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. More than 300 million people are now living with depression, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015.

World Health Day 2017. Depression: Let's Talk

Depression tops list of causes of ill health

4 April 2017 – Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. According to the latest estimates from WHO, more than 300 million people are now living with depression, an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015. Lack of support for people with mental disorders, coupled with a fear of stigma, prevent many from accessing the treatment they need to live healthy, productive lives.

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Tell us about your campaign activity

2 March 2017 - Events and activities, both in-person and online, are great ways of stimulating discussion and action. Tell us – and others – about activities you are planning for the Depression: let’s talk campaign through our online app. You can also create your own campaign post, by choosing one of our campaign visuals and messages and sharing with your own networks.

World Health Day 2017 poster - Depression: Let's talk

Number of people with depression increases

23 February 2017 -- According to new estimates of depression, released by the World Health Organization today, the number of people living with depression increased by over 18% between 2005 and 2015. Depression is also the largest cause of disability worldwide. More than 80% of this disease burden is among people living in low- and middle-income countries.

World Health Day 2017 poster - Depression: Let’s talk

Depression: Let’s talk

10 October 2016 - Depression is an illness that can happen to anybody. It causes mental anguish and affects people’s ability to carry out everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends. At worst, depression can lead to suicide. Fortunately, depression can be prevented and treated. Today, on World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization is launching a one-year campaign: Depression: let’s talk.


Scaling-up care for depression

Resources for governments and partner organizations responsible for establishing and scaling-up mental health services