WHO global health days

Quiz: How much do you know about Universal Health Coverage

Take the quiz to check the answers.

1 Every year on 7 April, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates its anniversary, the day its Constitution came into force. How old will WHO be this year (2018)?

The WHO Constitution came into force on 7 April 1948. This year—7 April 2018—is the 70th anniversary of WHO being into force. World Health Day, celebrated on 7 April every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, provides us with a unique opportunity to mobilize action around a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

2 What does universal health coverage (UHC) mean?

All these answer choices are correct. Universal health coverage means individuals and populations receive access to all the essential health services they need without being pushed into poverty.

3 How much of the world’s population is not able to obtain the health services they need?

At least half (or 50%) of the world’s population is not able to obtain the health services they need.

4 Globally, about 100 million people are being pushed into 'extreme poverty' (living on $ 1.90 or less a day) because they have to pay for health care services.

About 100 million people are getting poorer because they are made to pay for health care services out of their pockets.

5 Who has a part to play in advocating for universal health coverage?

Everyone, everywhere, has the ability to advocate for universal health coverage both for themselves and others. Our campaign toolkit has more on what you can do as a member of the media, as an individual, policy-maker or as a not-for-profit group. Learn more about how to get involved.