Children's environmental health

Assessing the status of children's environmental health: A challenging field experience in the African Region - Seminar, Geneva, Switzerland, 20 February 2004

Lunchtime seminar, 20 February 2004

Concerned with the environmental risks menacing the health of children in Africa, the WHO Regional Office has initiated actions to identify and address the main priorities. To this end, Dr Hans Lindblad, a Swedish paediatrician worked in collaboration with national consultants in undertaking fact-finding and capacity-building missions to countries. Using an elaborated guide, he compiled “National Profiles on the Status of CEH” in Benin, Congo-Brazzaville, Ethiopia, Seychelles, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The work involved input from several ministries, sectors and individuals in each country.

Dr Lindblad's seminar focused on his experience in compiling these national profiles - the constraints and obstacles encountered and how these were overcome, establishing dialogue with local communities, and the specific and often unique issues faced by ethnic minorities in some countries.