Children's environmental health

Children's environmental health indicators

Presenting Regional Successes - Learning for the Future

World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 20
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/HSE/PHE/EPE.09.1


This brochure summarizes the process, outcomes and key findings of the children’s environmental health indicator projects implemented as part of the global initiative on Children’s Environmental Health Indicators. Discussions took place at the Children’s Environmental Health Indicators (CEHI) workshop “Children’s Environmental Health Indicators: Five Years After the Global Commitment at the World Summit on Sustainable Development” in Tunisia in 2008.

The participants of this workshop included technical experts, representatives from governments, public health officers, medical doctors and representatives of partner agencies. Challenges faced and the lessons learned from the experience of collecting indicators were discussed; 10 key ideas to move forward were agreed upon.

The global initiative on Children’s Environmental Health Indicators was launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 with partners from five governments, three nongovernmental organizations and five intergovernmental organizations with support from the Office of Children’s Health Protection at the United States Environmental Protection Agency.