Une evaluation de la croissance des nourissons allaités au sein.
Groupe de travail de la OMS sur la croissance des nourrissons allaités au sein.

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Résumé [en anglais]

In preparation for the WHO Expert Committee meeting on Physical Status: the use and interpretation of anthropometry, a Working Group on Infant Growth was established to assess the growth patterns of infants following current WHO feeding recommendations, and the relevance of such patterns to the development of growth reference data.

This document presents the full report of the analyses carried out, which were the basis for the Working Group's recommendations to the Expert Committee. The information is being made available to the scientific community to encourage and support further research on the questions raised by the Exxpert Committee after its evaluation of present knowledge about infant-growth assessment.

In providing this information, the Working Group seeks to improve the nutritional management of infants and children by motivating the development of new scientific information that will fill gaps in knowledge and resolve a number of crucial issues raised by the Group's analyses.

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