CHOosing Interventions that are Cost Effective (WHO-CHOICE)

Country-specific unit costs

Unit cost values for primary and secondary health care services are estimated for 191 member states. This is a database of estimated costs that, in principle, can be thought of as 'average' values of unit costs for the country, based on specific assumptions regarding the organisation of health services and operational capacity.

The table on Inpatient Unit Costs presents the estimated cost per hospital bed-day. These estimates represent only the "hotel" component of hospital costs, i.e., excluding the cost of drugs and diagnostic tests but including costs such as personnel, capital and food costs.

The table on Outpatient Unit Costs presents the estimated cost per outpatient visit, and include all cost components except drugs and diagnostics. [Note that the updated estimates are not differentiated for different levels of population coverage].

Estimates are presented in international dollars, local currency units and US$, for base-years 2007 and 2008.

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