Cost effectiveness and strategic planning (WHO-CHOICE)

WHO-CHOICE Interventions

Tobacco Use

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    Details on methods:
    Shibuya K, Ciecierski C, Guindon E, Bettcher DW, Evans DB, Murray CJL (July 2003)
    WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: development of an evidence based global health treaty
    British Medical Journal, 327: 154-157
  • Cost-Effectiveness Results

TOB-2 Global average tax rate (44%)
TOB-3 Highest regional tax rate (75%)
TOB-4 Doubling highest tax
TOB-5 Clean indoor air law enforcement
TOB-6 Comprehensive advertise banning
TOB-7 Information dissemination
TOB-8 Nicotine replacement therapy
TOB-9 Combination (TOB4 + TOB7)
TOB-10 Combination (TOB4 + TOB5 + TOB7)
TOB-11 Combination (TOB4 + TOB6 + TOB7)
TOB-12 Combination (TOB4 + TOB6)
TOB-13 Combination (TOB4 + TOB5 + TOB6)
TOB-14 Combination (TOB4 + TOB5 + TOB6 + TOB7)
TOB-15 Combination (ALL)