CHOosing Interventions that are Cost Effective (WHO-CHOICE)

Published Papers

Recent publications (2008 - 2009)

Screening, prevention and treatment of cervical cancer -- a global and regional generalized cost-effectiveness analysis.
Ginsberg GM, Edejer TT, Lauer JA, Sepulveda C
Vaccine, 27: 6060-79 (2009)

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of policies and programmes to reduce the harm caused by alcohol
Anderson P, Chisholm D, Fuhr DC
Lancet, 373: 2234-46 (2009)

Distribution of road traffic deaths by road user group: a global comparison
Naci H, Chisholm D, Baker TD
Injury Prevention, 15: 55-59 (2009)

Capacity utilization and the cost of primary care visits: Implications for the costs of scaling up health interventions
Adam T, Johns B, Evans D
Cost-effectiveness and Resource Allocation, 6: 22 (2008)

Financial resources required for tuberculosis control to achieve global targets set for 2015
Floyd K, Pantoya A
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 86: 568-576 (2008)

Schizophrenia treatment in the developing world: an inter-regional and multi-national cost-effectiveness analysis
Chisholm D, Gureje O, Saldivia S, Villalon M, Wickremasinghe R, Mendis N, Ayuso-Mateos JL, Saxena S
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 86: 542-551 (2008)

Cost-effectiveness of screening and correcting refractive errors in school children in Africa, Asia, America and Europe
Baltussen R, Naus J, Limburg H
Health Policy, epub ahead of print (12 July 2008)

Estimating the costs of achieving the WHO–UNICEF Global Immunization Vision and Strategy, 2006–2015
Wolfson LJ, Gasse F, Lee-Martin S-P, Lydon P, Magan A, Tibouti A, Johns B, Hutubessy R, Salama P, Okwo-Bele J-M
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 86: 27-39 (2008)