Cost effectiveness and strategic planning (WHO-CHOICE)


CostIt (Costing Interventions templates) is a software designed to record and analyse cost data. It is not a data-collection tool but can guide the development of instruments for collecting primary data. The main function of CostIt software, completely automated, is to calculate the economic costs of interventions, however, it can also be used to estimate financial costs. It provides a set of separate templates for the reporting and analysis of costs at the programme, hospital, primary health facility and household levels.

Features of CostIt include a macro that automatically converts costs from any given year to those of the base year chosen by the analyst; and ability to adjust cost for different levels of capacity utilization. CostIt is a work in progress and will accordingly be updated in an ongoing manner with successive versions and a detailed user’s guide. Currently, only a brief user guide is available (downloadable below). Analysts wishing to use CostIt should be familiar with general cost concepts and have a basic knowledge of Excel software. Suggestions for modification or input from users will be appreciated. They should be sent to

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