WHO Technical Working Group on creation of an oral cholera vaccine stockpile

Meeting report - Geneva, 26–27 April 2012


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Number of pages: 15
Publication date: 2012
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/HSE/PED/2012.2



The 64th World Health Assembly (2011) called for an integrated, comprehensive strategy of cholera prevention and control. The WHA Resolution 64.15 included consideration of the use of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) “where appropriate, in conjunction with other recommended prevention and control methods and not as a substitute for such methods”.

This consideration was taken forward at a September 2011 consultation, which noted that an OCV stockpile for outbreak control could be initiated in the near future.

This is the report of a Technical Working Group which was convened, in April 2012, to develop an OCV stockpile implementation framework. Participants advised on: the criteria for choice of stockpiled vaccine and its deployment; the appropriate size of an OCV stockpile; the managing partnership and evaluation processes required; the decision-making procedure and operational issues; and the financing mechanism.