Surveillance for prevention, preparedness and early warning

Sensitive surveillance systems aiming to collect reliable baseline data and frank reporting can significantly help to identify epidemiological patterns and trends over time and thus anticipate potential outbreaks. Such analysis should guide interventions accordingly and lead to timely prevention and preparedness activities. This is especially true in endemic settings where cholera outbreaks are regular and linked to climatic and cultural features. When seasonal occurrence can be anticipated, prevention and control must be enhanced and activities such as preparation of preparedness plans, training of healthcare staff and pre-positioning of supplies must take place.

Data sets generated form sensitive surveillance systems over time, further allow to identify vulnerable populations living in high risk areas which may benefit form preventive cholera vaccine use. The availability of reliable epidemiological data is hence crucial to efficient implementation of any prevention and preparedness measure.

Revised cholera kit

The revised cholera kits are designed to help prepare for a potential cholera outbreak and to support the first month of the initial response.

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