Joint WHO/UNICEF statement for typhoid vaccine use in tsunami-affected areas

Decision-making process for use/deployment of typhoid vaccines

  • Request for typhoid vaccine use should be initiated by the Ministry of Health of the country.
  • The decision for deployment of typhoid vaccines should be taken by an Advisory Panel which will base its decision upon analysis of a set of prerequisites. Terms of reference of the Advisory Panel are similar to the ones of the ICG2. The Advisory Panel consists in :
    • WHO Headquarters: Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals; Global Task Force on cholera control
    • WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia and the WHO Representative
    • UNICEF Headquarters and UNICEF Regional Office
  • Advice and guidance for implementation of the mass vaccination campaign using typhoid vaccines will be provided through the WHO Global Task Force on Cholera Control.

2ICG: Interagency Group for deployment of meningitis vaccines