Chronic diseases and health promotion

About us

Our mission

To provide leadership and direction for urgent global, regional and national efforts to promote health and to prevent and control major chronic diseases and their risk factors.

Our objectives

The CHP Department's strategic objectives are to:

  • Advocate for health promotion and chronic disease prevention and control.
  • Promote health, especially for poor and disadvantaged populations.
  • Slow and reverse the adverse trends in the common chronic disease risk factors.
  • Prevent premature deaths and avoid unnecessary disability due to major chronic diseases.
  • Prevent blindness and deafness.

Core functions


Coordination and strengthening of global advocacy and communication on key messages, resource mobilization, and the development of partnerships. Aim is to ensure increased prominence of chronic disease and health promotion issues on the global health agenda; ensure necessary funding to close the knowledge-action gap; and to encourage an integrated chronic disease management model based on primary health care.

Health Promotion

Health promotion aims to address the underlying determinants of population risks; promote multi-sectoral policies and programmes to improve health and reduce health inequalities; and support development of evidence-base for interventions.

Surveillance and Population-based Prevention

Surveillance and primary prevention are fundamental to the Department's mission. The main aims are to reduce population levels of risk by controlling major common risk factors for chronic disease and to assist countries to monitor trends in major risk factors.

One of the top priorities is the implementation of the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, which was endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2004. The Strategy describes actions needed to support the adoption of healthy diets and regular physical activity.

Prevention and Management

Integrated chronic disease prevention and management aims to reduce overall risk in high-risk individuals and provide appropriate care by facilitating early case finding through affordable strategies and technologies, and equitable and good quality health care for major chronic diseases.