Chronic diseases and health promotion

Global Forum on Chronic Diseases Prevention and Control

Together in global action: Africa, Europe, South-East Asia, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Pacific

Areas of work

  • Raise awareness for NCD and ensure that NCD prevention is placed on the agenda of health care policy.
  • Facilitate countries to develop national integrated NCD prevention and control programmes, including surveillance activities and demonstration projects.
  • Promote the development of regional networks of community-based NCD prevention programmes, and promote collaboration and coordination of NCD prevention and control activities within and between WHO Regions.
  • Link regional networks and international partners into the Global Forum to promote collaboration for NCD prevention and control.
  • Encourage dissemination of scientific and implementation knowledge, exchange experience and best practices.
  • Develop guidance package for NCD prevention and control.
  • Stimulate training and capacity building.
  • Establish pools of institutions and experts to provide expertise.