Chronic diseases and health promotion

Global Forum on Chronic Diseases Prevention and Control

Together in global action: Africa, Europe, South-East Asia, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Pacific


FOURTH GLOBAL FORUM MEETING: 3-6 November 2004, Ottawa, Canada

The Fourth World Health Organization (WHO) Global Forum on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control was held from 3-6 November 2004 in Ottawa, Canada. The Forum brought together senior level country officials, international agencies and non-governmental organizations, as well as chronic disease and public health experts from around the world to focus on the growing global burden of chronic diseases. Of the estimated 57 million global deaths last year, 33 million were attributed to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases.

THIRD GLOBAL FORUM MEETING: 6-14 November 2003, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The goal of the Global Forum was to contribute to Global NCD prevention by promoting integrated NCD prevention and control, working through regional networks in line with the Global Strategy approved by the 53rd World Health Assembly. This event provided an exceptional opportunity to take stock of the progress being made both in the countries of the Americas and worldwide in the area of NCD prevention and control.

SECOND GLOBAL FORUM MEETING: 4-6 November 2002, Shanghai, China

The second meeting of the Global Forum was held on 4th-6th November 2002 in Shanghai, China. The purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of the regional networks, national integrated programmes for NCD prevention and control since the first meeting of the Global Forum on 12-13 November 2001 in Geneva. Its objective was to increase awareness of NCD prevention and control initiatives through advocacy at regional and global level, support regional networks through inter-regional collaboration and international partnership and strengthen cooperation between and within regions, promote collaborative research and capacity building in relation to primary and secondary prevention to disseminate scientific evidence and experience, and provide updated guidance on primary and secondary prevention of NCDs. Representatives of regional networks, Member States, WHO, WHO collaborating centres and nongovernmental organisations were invited to participated.

FIRST GLOBAL FORUM MEETING: 12-13 November 2001, WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

The first meeting of the Global Forum was convened at WHO Headquarters in Geneva from 12 to 13 November 2001. The meeting defined the objectives, functions, key areas and methods of the Global Forum for NCD prevention and control and developed a broad framework for conclusions and recommendations. This meeting gathered NCD programme leaders in all six WHO Regions as well as representatives of World Heart Federation, World Bank, European Respiratory Society and invited temporary advisers.