Chronic diseases and health promotion

Integrated chronic disease prevention and control

Global Forum

  • In May 2000, the World Health Assembly (WHA) adopted a resolution (WHA/53.17) endorsing a WHO Global Strategy for the prevention of NCDs.
  • The WHA 2000 requested the Director-General of WHO to continue giving priority to the prevention and control of NCDs.
  • The WHA 2000 requested Member States to develop national policy frameworks and to promote community-based initiatives for the prevention of NCDs through comprehensive risk factor approaches and based on best evidence available.
  • The Global Forum on chronic diseases prevention and control, an integral component of the WHO Global Strategy, is key to disseminating information, exchanging experiences and best practices, and supporting national and regional initiatives.
  • Joint action on the main risk factors is an efficient, cost effective and sustainable way to reduce the incidence of the major NCDs.
  • Convincing evidence shows the potential of preventive programmes and policies for NCD prevention and control.

The first meeting of the Global Forum was convened at WHO Headquarters in Geneva from 12-13 November 2001. The meeting defined the objectives, functions, key areas and methods of the Global Forum on NCD prevention and control and developed conclusions and recommendations.