Chronic diseases and health promotion

Integrated chronic disease prevention and control

Regional networks

The global strategy for NCD prevention and control adopted by the 53rd World Health Assembly in May 2000 (resolution WHA53.17) calls for the development of networks of national programmes for prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, in order to disseminate information, exchange experiences, and support regional and national initiatives.

Two networks of community-based NCD prevention programmes, CINDI and CARMEN are well established and are active in European and American countries. Their experience could provide useful guidance to other WHO regions. In particular, their experience indicates that networking facilitates exchange of information and experience on technical and management issues, and helps network members to plan cooperative ventures, brainstorm, and launch new activities.

NCD prevention and control programmes are also emerging as a priority in many developing countries. Accordingly, there is a pressing need to strengthen and link NCD prevention and control initiatives in presently under-served regions. There are, however, encouraging signs in all WHO regions concerning NCD prevention and control initiative and networking efforts:

American region: CARMEN network

European region: CINDI network

Eastern Mediterranean region: EMAN network

South-East Asia region: SEANET-NCD network

African region: NANDI network


MOANA stands for "Mobilization of Allies in Noncommunicable Disease". The network was initiated in 2002. The first meeting, under the theme "Scaling up NCD prevention and control in the Western Pacific: beyond demonstration, achieving results", was held in Manila in August 2004.

The main activities of MOANA network include:

  • strengthening secondary prevention.
  • development of management guidelines for diabetes and hypertension.
  • strengthening of the integrated NCD project in Xicheng, Beijing, China.
  • extension of health-promoting schools in China.
  • support social marketing projects in Mongolia.
  • publication of a case study on integrated approach to NCD prevention and control in Malaysia.