Chronic diseases and health promotion

Presentations of the report "Preventing chronic diseases: a vital investment"

"Preventing chronic diseases: a vital investment" was launched globally on 5 October 2005, and received extensive print media coverage from around the world (a detailed summary of media coverage is available upon request). Since that date, the report has been presented at a number of high-level policy workshops.

17 February 2006. New Delhi, India

The report was presented in New Delhi, India at the International Symposium on Cardiovascular Diseases, Stroke and Diabetes organized by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as part of its golden jubilee year programme on science and public health. The Symposium was inaugurated by the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss.

In India, it is estimated that more than half of all deaths in 2005 were due to chronic disease. If the current trend continues chronic disease deaths are projected to increase by 18% in the next ten years. Most markedly, deaths from diabetes in India will increase by 35%.

14 February 2006. Bangkok, Thailand

WHO and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) jointly presented the report on 14 February in Bangkok, Thailand. Estimates and projections from the report were newly grouped to focus on the UNESCAP region. The vast majority of the global chronic disease burden lies in that region. Of the 35 million estimated global chronic disease deaths in 2005, 25 million were from in the UNESCAP region.

26-28 October 2005. Geneva, Switzerland

The report was presented at WHO forum "Making partnerships work for health" held in WHO Geneva from 26-28 October 2005. The conference was attended by over 400 public health leaders from governments, NGOs, academia, the private sector, UN agencies and financing institutions.

26 October 2005. Brasilia, Brazil

The report was presented at the meeting held in WHO country office in Brasilia on 26 October 2005. It was attended by members of the ministry of health in Brazil, the Brazilian WHO office, the Brazilian Diabetes Association, epidemiologists from the state university and members of the press.

19-21 October 2005. Santiago, Chile

The report was presented at the biannual meeting of the CARMEN network that took place on 19-21 October 2005. The meeting was attended by participants from 20 countries in the Americas, and was an opportunity to present and discuss the report with them.

5-11 November 2005. Male, Maldives

The report was presented at the South East Asia Network Meeting on NCD Prevention and Control that took place in the Maldives on 5-11 November 2005. The meeting focused on numerous aspects of NCD prevention and control. It was attended by government representatives from 9 Southeast Asian Member States.

6-7 December 2005. Helsinki, Finland

The report was presented at the meeting on 6-7 December 2005, it was attended by government representatives from 33 European Member States.

Web site

A wide-ranging web site has also been established for the report’s presentation: This Internet site includes a range of supplementary materials that can be downloaded for local use.