Chronic diseases and health promotion

Part Three. What works: the evidence for action

Chapter One. A strategy to achieve rapid results

This is Part Three of WHO report "Preventing chronic diseases: a vital investment"

Key messages

The knowledge exists now to prevent and control chronic diseases. This part of the report provides a summary of the evidence, and explains how interventions for both the whole population and individuals can be combined when designing and implementing a chronic disease prevention and control strategy.

  • Chronic diseases can be prevented and controlled using available knowledge.
  • Comprehensive and integrated action is required.
Success stories

The chapter brings three success stories: a dramatic reduction in the death rate in Poland, reducing death rates from heart disease in Finland, and eliminating trachoma in Morocco.

WHO/Chris de Bode
Face to face with chronic disease: diabetes

This chapter tells the story of Milton Franzolin from Brazil who has always been a sportsman. He trains for marathons and plays squash twice a week. In 2003, at the age of 50, he was diagnosed with diabetes following his yearly medical check-up. "At first I was revolted and didn't understand how I'd become ill," he says. "My frustration didn't last for long, I didn't want to be a victim but rather, a fighter."