Chronic diseases and health promotion

Long-Term Care in Developing Countries: Ten Case-Studies

These case-studies examine the emerging needs and approaches to long-term care in ten developing countries that represent different levels of economic development and different stages of the demographic and epidemiological transition. The book describes the changing realities determining the need and resources for long-term care in these countries, and provides examples to illustrate many of the lessons learned, key policy issues confronted, and current and future needs.

This is one of the series of WHO publications on long-term care. Other publications on this subject are available on this website.

Case studies by countries
The below chapters describe general background data, health and social systems, long-term care provision, and general questions pertinent to long-term care development in ten developing countries.

Conclusion to case studies
The concluding chapter describes long-term care policy patterns emerging in the countries examined, highlights basic factors that affect the significance of the key long-term care policy issues.