Chronic diseases and health promotion

Video gallery

Face to face with chronic disease

7 minute video tackling some of the misunderstandings surrounding chronic disease. These misunderstandings must be dispelled. Hear patients from different countries telling their stories.

Mariam's journey

3 minute video shows the challenges many countries face in preventing and treating cancer through the story of Mariam, a girl diagnosed with bone cancer.

B-roll footage

Video material for broadcasters to use in preparing stories on chronic disease. Can also be used to edit own short features. See accompanying document containing shot list. 9'07" broadcast footage.

Video News Release

3-minute Video News Release on the global epidemic of chronic disease. Pre-edited in two versions: one with sample voice-over track laid down as sound guide, and the other for actual use, with natural sound.

Copies of these videos and related materials are available free of charge. Please send your request to, stating your organization, purpose, number of copies required, and your full mailing address (not PO Box).

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