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The WHO-FIC Planning Committee

The Planning Committee conducts the business of the WHO FIC Network between annual meetings. It monitors progress of the work program and plans the annual meeting. The Planning Committee comprises an elected Chair, the heads of centre responsible for the most recent annual meeting, the next annual meeting and the following annual meeting, plus the Committee Chairs. In addition, WHO headquarters is a member of the committee. The Chair is elected at an annual meeting of the Network for a term of two years. The Chair of the Planning Committee will assume the office at the conclusion of the annual meeting at which he/she is elected. A Vice-Chair may also be elected on the same basis as the Chair.

Membership of the WHO-FIC Planning Committee 2005-2006

Marjorie Greenberg (North American Collaborating Centre): Chair, Chair Education Committee

Michael Schopen (German Collaborating Centre): Vice-Chair, Chair Electronic Tools Committee

Martti Virtanen (Nordic Collaborating Centre): Co-Chair Implementation Committee

Marijke de Kleijn (Dutch Collaborating Centre): Co-Chair Implementation Committee

Mea Renahan (North American Collaborating Centre): Chair Updating and Revision Committee

Richard Madden (Australian Collaborating Centre): Chair Family Development Committee.

Kenji Shuto (ICD office, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare): Host 2005 Network Meeting

Gérard Pavillon (French Collaborating Centre): Host 2006 Network Meeting

Carlo Francescutti (Italian Collaborating Centre): Host 2007 Network meeting

Bedirhan Üstün: MHI Team, WHO Headquarters

Pierre Lewalle: MHI Team, WHO Headquarters

Nenad Kostanjsek: MHI Team, WHO Headquarters

Robert Jakob: MHI Team, WHO Headquarters

- Terms of Reference [pdf 118kb]
- Planning Committee members (2004-2005)

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