ICD Revision Topic Advisory Groups

Topic Advisory Groups will serve as the planning and coordinating advisory body for specific issues which are key topics in the update and revision process, namely Oncology, Mental Health, External Causes of Injury, Communicable Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Rare Diseases and others to be established.

The primary charge of each group will be to advise WHO in all steps leading to the revision of topic sections of ICD in line with the overall revision process. In particular:

- Advise on particular topic revision steps and establish workgroups and partners to involve - The TAGs will advise WHO on constitution of working groups to undertake generation of necessary evidence, to develop proposals for changes and to focus on specific issues as needed. Each TAG will (a) determine the number and content areas of the workgroups, (b) identify the members and chairs of the workgroups, (c) present an initial mandate to each workgroup, (d) establish procedures for the activities of the workgroups, and (e) facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas and reducing redundant efforts by making workgroups aware of one another’s activities.

- Advise in developing various drafts of topic segments in line with the overall production timeline of ICD-11 TAGs will review initial recommendations of the workgroups and consolidate those to achieve consistency in proposals across groups and areas.

- Advise in developing protocols for and in implementing field trials - TAGs will also assist WHO in identifying appropriate representatives of various stakeholders and in establishing effective collaboration/consultative mechanisms.

- More than 136 scientists from 36 countries and all WHO regions are contributing to the work

Working Groups for Internal Medicine (IM):
IM - Cardiovascular Working Group
IM - Endocrinology Working Group
IM - Gastroenterology Working Group
IM - Haematology Working Group
IM - Hepatology & Pancreatobiliary Working Group
IM - Nephrology Working Group
IM - Respiratory Working Group
IM - Rheumatology Working Group