Implementation of ICD

The implementation details for ICD can be found in our WHOFIC Implementation database page.

The ICD-10 Training Tool

The ICD-10 training tool is an interactive self training that will allow you to understand and use ICD-10. User specific paths include a fast track for e.g. managers, and an in depth training for coders. The tool contains sections on :

  • ICD Coding,
  • Certification of death,
  • Ethics and confidentiality, Quality assurance,
  • Statistical presentation,
  • Rules for mortality and morbidity coding, and it provides
  • Basic medical knowledge.

Users will need a copy of ICD-10 (electronic or in print). The most recent version of Volume 2 is available at the introductory page of the tool. Volume 1 can also be browsed online on the WHO site.

Other tools that relate to ICD Implementation