Content Model

Content Model

The content model is a structured framework that captures the knowledge that underpins the definition of an ICD entity.

  • Represents ICD entities in a standard way
  • Allows computerization
  • Each ICD entity can be seen from different dimensions or “parameters”. E.g. there are currently 13 defined main parameters in the content model to describe a category in ICD (see below).
  • A parameter is expressed using standard terminologies known as “value sets”

Content Model Parameters

  • ICD Entity Title
  • Classification Properties
  • Textual Definitions
  • Terms
  • Body System/Structure Description
  • Temporal Properties
  • Severity of Subtypes Properties
  • Manifestation Properties
  • Causal Properties
  • Functioning Properties
  • Specific Condition Properties
  • Treatment Properties
  • Diagnostic Criteria

For more information about the Content Model, please see the Content Model Reference Guide.