WHO Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 WHODAS 2.0


WHODAS 2.0 supersedes WHODAS II and is an altogether different instrument that is grounded in the conceptual framework of the ICF. It integrates an individual's level of functioning in major life domains and directly corresponds with ICF's 'activity and participation' dimensions.

Process of development

WHODAS 2.0 was developed through a collaborative international approach with the aim of developing a single generic instrument for assessing health status and disability across different cultures and settings.

The collaborative international research involved in developing WHODAS 2.0 included:

  • Critical review of conceptualization and measurement of functioning and disability as well as a review of existing instruments
  • Cross-cultural application study spanning 19 countries around the world
  • Reliability and validity field studies including two waves of international testing using a multicentre design with identical protocols