The WHO-FIC Network

WHO has designated a number of Collaborating Centres to contribute to the work on the development, dissemination, maintenance and use of the WHO Family of International Classifications to support national and international health information systems, statistics and evidence.

The WHO-FIC Network includes:

-The responsible area of WHO Headquarters

The Network meets on an annual basis to discuss matters of mutual interest and to advise WHO.

The work of the WHO-FIC Network is based on a Strategic Work Plan, updated annually at the Network meeting in October.

Work is progressed through a number of WHO-FIC committees that conduct their business outside the annual WHO-FIC Network meeting. These committees report to the annual WHO-FIC Network meeting.

Network members may access a password controlled collaborative workspace. This list is for discussion among Network members and for further information on activities. If you are interested in participating in the Network please contact the Manager of this workspace or send an email to

Page updated on 22 February 2016.