WHO-FIC Network Meetings

WHO-FIC Network meetings are held annually for a week in October. The host centre is responsible for convening the meeting. Participants are expected to fund and make their own arrangements for attending the meeting. Attendance is by invitation only.

Following an opening ceremony, the conduct of business includes:

  • Plenary sessions to confirm the agenda and the Chairs and Rapporteurs for the meeting, as well as items such as the Annual Reports of Committees, Work Groups, and the WHO Secretariat
  • Working meetings for each of the Committees and Reference Groups
  • Scientific plenary sessions
  • Plenary sessions for reports from the working meetings
  • Specific meetings to progress priority WHO-FIC tasks during the meeting
  • Plenary sessions to discuss and endorse the essential business of the Network
  • Final sessions to endorse the Strategic Work Plan for the forthcoming year, the report of the meeting, and to confirm or nominate Chairs for the WHO-FIC Network Committees

Papers and presentations are shared electronically. It is the responsibility of participants to make their own copies, if desired.

By the end of December following the meeting, the final report and any documents will be included in the archive for each meeting, linked below.

Network Meetings

Page updated on 27 October 2015.