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Training in immunology


The Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne, Switzerland hosts the WHO Immunology Research and Training Centre, which is part of the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR). It has been a WHO CC since 1967, and was most recently re-designated in April 2006.

The most important service provided is to host international training courses for eight weeks for foreign students on methods and management in international health and public health laboratory sciences for developing countries. These courses, in English and French, are in the fields of immunology, biotechnology and vaccinology, applied to communicable diseases. Course participants come from developing and middle-income countries from all over the world. The activities of the programme are directly supported by TDR. It was noted that the course is organized by WHO/TDR at HQ, including the selection of students. The institute hosts the training and provides input with teaching.