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Psychosocial work-related stress

In January 2007, the Institute of Work, Health & Organisations (I-WHO), a WHO Collaborating Centre in Occupational Health since 1994, was awarded a €750,000 grant to study psychosocial risks and work-related stress. Dr. Stavroula Leka and Professor Tom Cox are leading the study which involves seven partners including four WHO CCs: the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Prevention, Italy; the Federal Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, Germany; TNO Quality of Life, Work & Employment, Netherlands; the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland; the Central Institute for Labour Protection, Poland; WHO; and ILO.

This collaborative policy research project, funded by the European Commission (EC) 6th Framework Programme, is focusing on the development of a European framework for psychosocial risk management with a special focus on work-related stress and workplace violence including harassment, bullying, and mobbing. This project is included in the work plan of the WHO Collaborating Centres in Occupational Health under Activity Area 3: Practical Approaches to Identify and Reduce Occupational Risks