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Mobilizing resources on oral health

Since February 2007, the Department of Oral Health Science, Division of Preventive Dentistry, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences has been designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Translation of Oral Health Science. The key element to be highlighted here is that though recently designated, the Centre has been in active collaboration with WHO and providing an essential support for the Oral Health Programme for many years before designation. The Centre has made contributions in a number of focal areas:

Its expertise in oral epidemiology, with a focus on periodontal disease, has made it a global resource in the field. The centre holds a global oral epidemiology data bank including making updated information available from the Country/Area Profile Programme (Country/Area Profile Programme link and the Japan Server)

It collects longitudinal data on older people, providing data on the natural history of oral diseases as well as datasets useful for the evaluation of prevention and control measures. The data base has greater power because it connects oral health data with data on general health.

It provides many other services on an ad hoc basis: responding to countries' requests on demand, providing training in preventive dentistry for oral health professionals in Japan and Asia, and participating in ORH global meetings on promoting oral health.