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Developing new solutions for patient safety

The process of identifying, developing, adapting, and disseminating patient safety solutions has been the primary focus of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, USA, which has been a WHO Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety since 2005. Through an international collaborative network, this centre has created a process for developing new and adapting existing solutions that can be used on a worldwide basis.

The Centre issued its inaugural set of patient safety solutions in May 2007, included the following:

  • Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Medication Names
  • Patient Identification
  • Communication During Patient Hand-Overs
  • Performance of Correct Procedure at the Correct Body Site
  • Control of Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions,
  • Assuring Medication Accuracy at Transitions in Care,
  • Avoiding Catheter and Tubing Mis-Connections
  • Single Use of Injection Devices
  • Improved Hand Hygiene to Prevent Health Care-Associated Infections

The nine solutions have been disseminated world-wide through the World Health Assembly and similar WHO meetings, Regional Offices, national meetings on Patient Safety and the internet.

In parallel with the continuous dissemination of the first nine patient safety solutions, the Collaborating Centre has initiated identification and development of the next set of solutions for 2007-2008 which include:

  • Preventing Patient Falls
  • Preventing Pressure Ulcers
  • Response to the Deteriorating Patient
  • Communicating Critical Test Results
  • Healthcare-Associated Infections: Central Lines.