Collaborating centres

Information for WHO collaborating centres

This page provides information and support documentation that may be useful for existing WHO collaborating centres or proposed institutions.

Regulations and guidance documents:

WHO collaborating centre portal and eCC

Existing and prospective WHO collaborating centres are requested to use the WHO collaborating centres portal to access the electronic system eCC for:

- Submission of the re/designation form at the occasion of the original designation or redesignation;
- Submission of annual progress reports, once a year after the anniversary of the date of re/designation.

In both cases, the head of the WHO collaborating centre will receive an email with their username and password. This email is sent to the email address of the head of the centre indicated in the public database. If you do not receive this email in due time, or any change of email address (or other information) is required, please contact your WHO responsible officer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For questions related to the electronic system (eCC) you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions

WHO collaborating centers experiencing technical problems with eCC can contact

Please note the information contained in this page is only intended for existing WHO collaborating centres, or institutions currently being considered for designation by WHO. Spontaneous applications are not encouraged. All WHO collaborating centres are designated by the initiative of WHO after successful completion of several years of collaboration with WHO in carrying out jointly planned activities.