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The WHO programme for prevention of deafness and hearing loss (PDH) is supported by several WHO collaborating centers who agreed during their first strategic planning meeting in April 2013 to establish the Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Prevention of Deafness. The current programme of work of PDH aims to revive and strengthen principles and practice of primary ear and hearing health as an integral part of the health system. This work is supported by agreed collaborative activities implemented by the network and WHO with a primary focus on effective advocacy, assisting WHO to provide guidance and support to Member States, data and research and information sharing. Examples of activities undertaken include promotion of the International Ear Care Day, translation of WHO technical and advocacy materials, organization of primary ear and hearing care conference sessions, regional planning workshops, training, collaborative research on the economic and quality of life impact of hearing loss and use of hearing aids, as well as the issuance of an annual newsletter.

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