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Injuries & Violence Prevention

WHO CCs for Injuries and Violence Prevention

The network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Injury and Violence Prevention comprises 20 institutions that are leaders in the field. The coordination of this network is provided by the Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability. WHO Collaborating Centres exist in all WHO regions. In recent years, a particular effort was made to increase the presence of WHO Collaborating Centers from low-income and middle-income income countries.

The WHO Collaborating Centres have supported a number of important projects including the development of the Global status report on road safety; and the world reports on child injury prevention, road traffic injury prevention, and violence prevention. They have also contributed to development of TEACH-VIP, a modular training curriculum on injury prevention and control, and MENTOR-VIP, a global mentoring programme. They support and facilitate work in countries as part of the Road Safety in 10 Countries (RS10) Project and other country projects addressing violence prevention. The network also owns the series of World Conferences on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. In October 2009 the network held its 19th Meeting of Heads of WHO Collaborating Centres for Injury and Violence Prevention. Topics for discussion included the Global Forum on Trauma Care, the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, the Fourth Meeting on Milestones in a Global Campaign for Violence Prevention and the 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion.