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Tobacco Control

WHO CCs for Tobacco Control

At present, the network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Tobacco Control consists of eight institutions in the Regions of hte Americas, Europe and the Western Pacific. WHO TFI aims to expand its network of WHOCCs, in particular with institutes in the Regions of Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

In order to strengthen the Network of WHO CCs for Tobacco Control, it is proposed that one of the centres host a meeting every two years. The first such meeting was organized from 13 to 15 September 2004 at the WHOCC for Tobacco Control, Cancer Prevention Unit, German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg.

Core activities of the WHOCCs for Tobacco Control consist of:

  • providing support to ratification and implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control by raising awareness among politicians, policy-makers, health professionals and the society at large, and
  • to assist countries in building national capacity for the implementation of comprehensive tobacco control measures consistent with the provisions of the treaty.