WHO in Cape Verde

Strategic directions for WHO in Cape Verde

Health system development

Within this domain, WHO will give technical support for the organization of health services in order to make the most of district health services within the health system heirarchy. In addition, strong monitoring and follow-up processes and procedures will be laid out to strengthen the health management and information system. As human resources is a big challenge for the government, technical support will be given for the development of the human resource for health for the country.

Technical support for the control of communicable diseases

Despite the good health indices in the country, the weakness of the health systems make the country very vulnerable to epidemics and other catastrophic health events. Efforts will continue on tetanus and polio eradication and the control of HIV, despite its low prevalence in the country. The emergence of non-communicable diseases in the country means that technical support will be given for the control and prevention of noncommunicable diseases, especially cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and substance abuse, which are on the increase.

Partnership and resource mobilization

WHO will broker for more resources for the health sector and at the same time will ensure that there is good coordination on the ground to prevent duplication of effort. This will be dependent on good data for planning purposes, which WHO will support