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United Nations and Partnerships in Countries

A commitment to more effective aid

In 2005 WHO endorsed the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and was the first UN agency to adopt a Resolution on the Paris Declaration, which articulated a clear approach to harmonization at the country level. Since its adoption in 2005, the Secretariat has reported to its WHO's Governing bodies on the progress made/monitoring of WHO's adherence to the Paris Declaration.

The Department of Country Focus (CCO) contributes to the Secretariat's implementation of the commitments articulated in the Paris Declaration and the WHA 58.25, by:

  • Providing WHO country offices with support on a needs basis on issues of WHO performance in countries, and participation in partnerships and UN Reform;
  • Developing capacity of WHO country teams, for effective engagement in partnership platforms; and
  • Monitoring WHO's engagement in the aid effectiveness agenda at the country level by supporting country office participation in the three surveys on monitoring the Paris Declaration (2006, 2008, 2011).

Developing the capacity of WHO country teams

CCO supports efforts to build the capacity of Heads of WHO Country Offices and country teams to engage in the aid effectiveness agenda at the country level. A key means of supporting country offices is through WHO's learning toolkit for country teams on capacity development for harmonization and alignment.

Role in the UN Reform process

CCO has been involved in the development of the revised UNDAF guidelines and engages with the Resident Coordinator and UNCT under this framework. CCO supports WHO's involvement in the UNDAF process at country level through a second-line backstopping function, responding to requests for support as and when they arise and the Department has worked collaboratively to develop a guidance note for country teams. The guidance note describes how the UNDAF and UNDAF Action Plan set out the principles and guidelines for how the UNCT should plan and implement at the country level, and how UNDAF processes integrate with WHO planning processes.

WHO Country Cooperation Strategies Guide 2010

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