Emergencies preparedness, response

Strengthening the global network of WHO Collaborating Centres working on communicable diseases


A searchable database of over 250 WHO collaborating centres (CCs) and laboratories working worldwide with CDS/CSR on epidemic viral, bacterial,parasitic and zoonotic diseases, emerging and drug resistant infections that:

  • provides information on the centres’ capacities and expertise for laboratory
  • diagnosis,diagnostic/reference reagents, epidemiology, research and training
  • allows centres to update directly their information through the Internet
  • can be queried online by CCs, WHO staff, Ministries of Health and public health workers.


To provide a single entry point to link all Collaborating Centres working on communicable diseases with each other and with the public health community.

What WHOCC_Net does

WHOCC_Net provides wide and rapid access to information:

  • to improve surveillance activities and response to disease outbreaks
  • to identify centres that can provide specific laboratory confirmation and commercially unavailable reagents, strains and cell lines
  • to enhance regular and frequent exchange of information, specimens and reagents among centres and laboratories.