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Global Infection Prevention and Control Network (GIPC Network) Launch

Enhancing infection prevention and control practices as a tool in promoting safer care, and containing infectious disease outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance.

Participants from around the world, representing health care institutions, non- governmental organizations, national agencies and supranational organizations, will be arriving prepared and committed to working together to control the emergence and spread of infectious agents that may occur during the provision of health care. The potential impact of the GIPC Network on the health of patients, health care workers, their families, volunteers, visitors and larger communities has inspired many organizations to send their leading infection prevention and control professionals and policy makers to this meeting.

The meeting will explore opportunities to enhance global, regional and local Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care activities and programs. It will will focus on defining a short to medium-term workplan for the Network, and then discuss key recommendations for the revision of the WHO's Guidance on Acute Respiratory Infections.

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