Emergencies preparedness, response

Infection prevention and control in health care


  • The mission of the WHO Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care initiative is to assist Member States in reducing dissemination of infections associated with healthcare, by assisting with the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of national infection control policies.
  • The ultimate goal is to assist Member States to endorse quality promotion of health care which is safe for patients, health care workers, others in the health care setting and the environment, and to accomplish these goals in a cost-effective manner.


  • Develop a cross-sectional, multidisciplinary WHO initiative for Prevention and Control of infections associated with healthcare.
  • Provide support to help prevent spread of infectious diseases through evidence-based infection control measures in health care settings.
  • Provide support for infection control preparedness and response to public health emergencies of potential international concern.


  • The development of a cross-cutting coordinated WHO strategy for infection control in health care is of utmost importance to harmonize and strengthen infection prevention and control in health care for preparedness and response to outbreaks . Such a coordinated strategy would provide a powerful tool to help promote prevention and control of infections associated with healthcare across Member States.