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GIPC Network launch meeting and next steps

The overall aim of the Global IPC Network is to assist WHO in providing technical IPC support to Member States through broad dissemination of WHO IPC policies and guidance documents and to contribute to WHO efforts to respond to communicable disease crisis, outbreaks or epidemics that originate in or are amplified by the provision of care in HC settings. Participants attending the GIPC Network meeting included representatives of institutions, organizations, agencies, Heads of WHO Collaborating Centres, IPC professional societies and WHO programs with IPC-related activities.

The launch meeting was held on June 7-8, 2011. It confirmed that the vision and purpose of the GIPC Network is to strengthen IPC preparedness globally and to enhance readiness to respond to epidemics that may be associated with or amplified by health care. The meeting delineated the major goals for the GIPC Network, including better communication among stakeholders, international alignment of IPC messages and timely dissemination of IPC messages. In addition, the meeting provided a structured technical consultation to inform the revision of the WHO interim guidelines Infection prevention and control of epidemic- and pandemic-prone acute respiratory diseases in health care (Jul 2007).

In the coming five years the GIPC Network will engage in developing tools for regional/national adaptation, including:

  • IPC guidance for epidemic-prone infections
  • Implementation tools
  • Generic IPC curricula for training of IPC professionals
  • Key IPC indicators for national and healthcare facility levels
  • Inventory of existing IPC national and international guidelines