Emergencies preparedness, response

Health aspects of chemical and biological weapons, 1st edition, 1970

Cette première édition, parue en 1970, tente d'analyser les effets sur la santé publique d'une possible utilisation d'armes chimiques et biologiques sur la population à différents niveaux du développement social et économique, et ses implications pour l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé et ses Etats Membres.

This report, issued in 1970, attempts to analyse the health effects of the possible use of chemical and biological weapons on population groups at differents levels of social and economic development, and the resulting implications for WHO and its Member States.

Table of Contents
Chapters 1 to 9

1. Introduction
2. Comparaison of the WHO and United reports and their conclusions
3. Aim and scope of the WHO report
4. Working definitions of chemical and biological weapons for the purposes of this report
5. Selections of chemical and biological agents as models for qualitative and quantitative assessments
6. Bases of the estimates of casualties
7. Long-term effects
8. Summary
9. Implications for the World Health Organization and its Member States

  • Annex 1: Chemical agents

  • A. Lethal agent
    B. Incapaciting agents
    C. Harassing agents (short term incapacitants)
    D. Anti-plant agents

  • Annex 2 Biological agents Introduction

  • A. Viral infectious

    B. Rickettsial infectious
    C. Bacterial infectious
    D. Fungal infectious
    E. The predictability of epidemics

  • Annex 3: Bases of quantitative estimates

  • A. Hypotheses concerning delivery, dispersion and concentration of agents
    B. Hypotheses concerning biological agents
    C. Estimates numbers of casualties
    D. Population models

  • Annex 4: Medical and public health effects of attack with chemical or biological weapons

  • Introduction
    General principles
    Examples based on hypothetical situations
    A. Tularaemia
    B. Pneumonic plague
    C. Nerve gas-VX

  • Annex 5: Sabotage of water supplies

  • Introduction Contamination by the thyphoid Bacillus
    Contamination by botulinal toxin
    Contamination with LSD
    Preventive measures

  • Annexes 6: Psychosocial consequences of chemical and biological weapons

  • Introduction
    Possible psychosocial consequences of the threat of chemical and biological warfare
    Possible psychosocial consequences of the use of chemical and biological weapons

    Annex 7: Resolution 2454 A (XXIII) of the General Assembly of the United Nations

    Annex 8: Resolution WHA 20.54 of the twentieth World Health Assembly

    Annex 9: Resolution WHA 22.58 of the twenty-second World Health Assembly