Emergencies preparedness, response

Chemical and Biological Working Group

Following the use of anthrax spores to cause harm in the United States, WHO decided to strengthen its activities on chemical and biological weapons and to develop synergies within and outside WHO to better assist Member States for preparing and responding to such events. A Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) Working Group was established in WHO to better share information, activities and experience. It consists of WHO staff from:

The objective of the CBW Working Group is to promote a coherent approach, and to foster collaboration and coordination among the various sections of the Organization which are implementing activities in response to resolution WHA55.16 of 18 May 2002 on Global public health response to natural occurrence, accidental release or deliberate use of biological and chemical agents or radionuclear material that affect health.

Information is also shared with WHO Regional Offices, some of whom have established similar groups.

An email address: deliberate@who.int has been created to answer questions relating to WHO's activities on chemical and biological weapons.

Key activities undertaken by the CBW Working Group are: