Ebola virus disease outbreak

Ebola response in Dubreka, Guinea

WHO response to the Ebola Interim Assessment Panel report

7 July 2015 -- WHO welcomes the report from the Ebola Interim Assessment Panel. The panel members divided their review and recommendations into 3 areas: the International Health Regulations, WHO’s health emergency response capacity and WHO’s role and cooperation with the wider health and humanitarian systems.

WHO/P. Haughton
Foreign Medical Teams in Ebola-affected country

Progress in the Ebola response

6 July 2015 -- Since July 2014, we’ve made real progress towards tackling the Ebola outbreak, yet new cases continue to emerge. As we work together in partnership with the affected countries and the international health community, we can see that we are better off today than we were a year ago. Scroll through an interactive story of the progress made and the challenges that remain, as we continue to work towards our final goal of #GettingtoZero.

WHO/Rob Holden
Dr Olu Olushayo, deployed to Sierra Leone to coordinate the WHO response to Ebola virus disease, working with burial teams.

Ebola diaries: Making things work in a desperate situation

2 July 2015 -- One year ago, when Dr Olu Olushayo arrived to coordinate the WHO Ebola response in Sierra Leone, he found not only an outbreak on a scale beyond his worst imaginings but myriad problems that needed complex solutions. Even where funds were available, there were not enough ambulances in the country, not enough Ebola treatment beds, not enough nurses and other healthcare workers as fast as needed.

WHO/C. Black
Ebola Treatment Centre ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia

Recurrence of Ebola transmission in Liberia

3 July 2015 -- Although transmission of the Ebola virus had ceased, Liberia remained at high risk of a recurrence of Ebola due to ongoing transmission in neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone. Liberia entered a 90-day period of vigilance involving testing anyone with features of Ebola virus disease and testing post-mortem swabs for Ebola virus. On Monday, 29 June, a post-mortem swab, taken from a 17-year-old male who died from a febrile illness managed as malaria, tested positive for Ebola.

WHO/M. Seeger
In Tanene, Guinea, Marie Claire from WHO goes from household to household with the Ebola teams to find out the concerns of the community.

Helping Guinean communities fight Ebola

26 June 2015 -- In May 2015, cases of Ebola began to appear in Tanene, Dubreka Prefecture, Guinea, an area that had previously been unaffected. To ensure the outbreak does not spread, WHO and partners have launched a surveillance campaign to find individuals who might be infected. Through household visits, a presence on prefecture streets and conversations with influential members of key community groups, surveillance teams are spreading the message about Ebola and providing support to families.

WHO/P. Haughton
Osman Kabia meets with the Moa Wharf residents to discuss their part in community engagement

One of Sierra Leone's toughest slums beats Ebola

22 June 2015 -- Moa Wharf is one of Sierra Leone’s worst slums. In this overcrowded, beachfront neighbourhood, Ebola arrived and seemed poised to burn through the area like wildfire. So how did one of the most challenging areas in Sierra Leone get to zero cases and how can the Ebola response learn from its success?

WHO/K. Kamara
Staff of the Ebola Treatment Unit in Sierra Leone

Ebola: Health worker infections

23 May 2015 -- Health workers have borne the brunt of the west african Ebola outbreak, not only working tirelessly to treat the sick but risking their lives every time they went to work. A new WHO report into health worker infections has found that health workers are between 21 and 32 times more likely to be infected with Ebola than people in the general population. It has also shown that such infections can be prevented - health worker infection rates have dropped considerably as measures to prevent infection improved.

WHO/W. Romeril

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