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Bolstering UN support to the Ebola outbreak

WHO Director-General's visit to Mali, November 2014.
WHO Mali/Yvette Bivigou

24 November 2014 -- Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, visited an Ebola treatment centre in Bamako, Mali. She met with President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, Prime Minister Moussa Mara, and other government leaders to discuss Mali’s ongoing Ebola outbreak response and ways UN organizations could increase their support. The support of the UN and other partners will enhance Mali's capability to contain transmission from across the border, and respond robustly to any future importation.

When Ebola came calling: how communities in Sierra Leone faced the challenge

Ibrahim Suri Kamara helps one of his daughters, sick with Ebola, to a drink, Port Loko, Sierra Leoone, 2014.
WHO/C. Black

20 November 2014 -- When Ebola first swept through Port Loko District, the rash of sudden inexplicable deaths was so shocking that local people explained it as "a witch plane crash". But as husbands, wives, aunts, uncles and children began to sicken and die they realized this was not a supernatural event but something very human - that would take human actions to reverse. WHO began racing to set up community care centres. The first of these centres opened on 3 November. Here in pictures is the story of what they did.

Ebola outbreak: features map

10 November 2014 -- On 23 March 2014 WHO’s African Regional Office reported an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Guinea. Since then cases have been reported in 5 additional West African countries. This interactive timeline links to feature stories highlighting, key events, stories and further reading (from 23 March - 3 November 2014).

Ebola response roadmap

WHO has issued a roadmap to guide and coordinate the international response to the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in west Africa. The roadmap aims to stop ongoing Ebola transmission worldwide within 6-9 months while rapidly managing the consequences of any further international spread. It also recognises the need to address, in parallel, the outbreak’s broader socioeconomic impact.

Ebola news and top stories

Advisory Group on the Ebola Virus Disease Response

WHO Director-General established an ad hoc advisory group on the EVD response. The group comprises high level experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines with relevant experience, including Ebola treatment and care, disease control, epidemiology, medical anthropology, health systems, social and community mobilization, faith-based organizations, and human rights.