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WHO team is organizing intensive response to the new Ebola case reported in Kambia, Sierra Leone, 31 August 2015

Guinea ring vaccination trial extended to Sierra Leone to vaccinate contacts of new Ebola case

31 August 2015 -- Detection of a new case of Ebola virus disease in Kambia, Sierra Leone, after the country had marked almost 3 weeks of zero cases has set in motion the first "ring vaccination" use of the experimental Ebola vaccine in Sierra Leone. The source of Ebola virus transmission is being investigated and all the people who may have been in contact with the infected person are being traced.

WHO/S. Gborie
Redemption Hospital, Monrovia, was at the center of the Ebola epidemic in 2014, Liberia

The road to redemption: Infection prevention and control in the era of Ebola

28 August 2015 -- Redemption Hospital is the only public health facility in the area and serves some 90 000 people. In August 2014, the hospital was at the centre of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. It quickly became overwhelmed and, for a time, had to close its inpatient department. Now, the community and its health workers feel safer coming to the hospital since adequate infection, prevention and control measures are in place.

WHO/S. Saporito
Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone: WHO staff talking to mothers in Sierra Leone on getting children to health care.

Challenges of getting children to health centres after Ebola

21 August 2015 -- Intense surveillance in Kambia, Sierra Leone, has revealed around 75% of deaths have been occurring in children under 5. Even though Ebola transmission was halted in Kambia last month, mothers still are afraid of Ebola and don’t take their young children to health centres. WHO epidemiologists are countering misperceptions to get mothers and their children back to the health centres and lower childhood mortality rates.

WHO/M. Harris
Safe burial team at work in Bong Country during the Ebola outbreak, Liberia

Ebola diaries: Psychological toll to endure

21 August 2015 -- A WHO logistician Francis Mulemba was first deployed to West Africa in March 2014 to respond to the fifth Ebola outbreak in his career. He took care of logistic and administrative tasks in Gueckedou, Guinea, the epicentre of the epidemic. Five months later, he was sent to Monrovia, Liberia, to support training of the national burial teams. He said that situation in Liberia was unlike any other Ebola outbreak he had experienced before.

WHO/R. Sorensen
A family from Massessehbeh village is waiting for the end of Ebola quarantine in the village, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone down to the last chain of Ebola virus transmission

17 August 2015 -- Use of rapid response teams and strong community involvement in finding Ebola virus disease cases and contacts is yielding results in Sierra Leone. An epidemiological week has now passed with no new Ebola cases for the first time since the beginning of the outbreak.

WHO/S. Gborie
Ebola training, Sierra Leone

GO training – a pre-deployment training for Ebola outbreak response

11 August 2015 -- The massive number of personnel deployed to the Ebola Virus Disease response in West Africa is faced with many risks. Since August 2014, WHO and partners have trained over 7000 of these health experts. The GO training is an example of pre-deployment training material developed "just-in-time" to train WHO staff, consultants and partners on the basic knowledge and skills to perform their work effectively and safely.

WHO/D. Licona
Foreign Medical Teams in Ebola-affected country

Progress in the Ebola response

6 July 2015 -- Since July 2014, we’ve made real progress towards tackling the Ebola outbreak, yet new cases continue to emerge. As we work together in partnership with the affected countries and the international health community, we can see that we are better off today than we were a year ago. Scroll through an interactive story of the progress made and the challenges that remain, as we continue to work towards our final goal of #GettingtoZero.

WHO/Rob Holden

UN - Global Ebola Response

The UN Secretary-General appointed a Special Envoy on Ebola and established the Global Ebola Response Coalition - a committed group of organisations to collectively provide strategic coordination and play a concerted role in the Ebola response.

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